2-In-1 Multifunction Vehicle Cup Phone Holder

-50% 2-In-1 Multifunction Vehicle Cup Phone Holder
It is hard to imagine life without a cell phonePlaying music, browsing the internet, sending emails, taking pictures and most of all, using your phone navigation app. For all its usefulness, however, a cell phone can also be a source of accidents, especially when driving. While it is good practice to pull over when taking a call or texting, most people do not do it. Our 2-In-1 Multifunction Vehicle Cup Phone Holder would definitely help you with that dilemma. This uses a scalable design, space-saving in the car and ergonomic. It can be placed on the dashboard of your car and can be adjusted to suit your comfort. And aside from the phone holder, it has a cup holder for your beverage while you drive in comfort.

  • Protection- If you are not holding your phone while driving, it prevents distraction on the road. One of these distractions is looking for your phone inside your bag when it rings. This holder helps avoid potential distractions that lead to these accidents by placing the cell phone in a location that a person can easily see.
  • Comfort- If you are talking on the phone, you can hear the other party better. It would also allow you to better enjoy the music playing. And to entertain your passengers, you can play a movie.
  • Ergonomic-  It would allow you to take full advantage of  your navigation app because the phone holder can be mounted to the dashboard in a similar position to a built-in GPS system.
  • Multifunction- It also has a built-in cup holder to keep you refreshed while driving.
Size: 9.5 * 3 * 7cm
Color: Black
Material: ABS, Highly Durable
Phone Size: 45-90mm
Drink Width: 7.3cm  

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